We have an answer to all your questions

In this section you will find an answer to common customers questions .
If it is not enough, there is our helpline (0804956348) or on-line assistance at your disposal (click on the button "live chat" at the bottom right) or alternatively you can send us an e-mail to info@edilceramdesign.com.

Q - Where is your showroom?
A – It is located in Conversano (near Bari), Italy.

Q – Where do you send your products from?
A – From our Storage in Monopoli (Bari)

Q – Which are the available payment methods?
A – We accept plenty of payment methods: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and banking credit transfer

Q – The item price is meant to include shipping costs?
A -Shipping costs are included for the deliveries taking place in Italy. The surplus price for the shipping in foreign countries is calculated depending on weight and volume of the package

Q – How may I calculate shipping costs?
A – It is very easy.
-First step : you have to complete the log-in procedure
-Second step :add to cart the requested item
-Third step : by clicking on “cash” you’ll be able to visualize all the costs ( naturally “shipping costs” will be available )

Q- What if i need some more information about my order ?
A- You can easily contact us through e-mail , chat or telephone.

Q- Should I trust you ? Which guarantees do you provide me with ?
A- We are in the business from more than 40 years featuring 2 well-know showrooms in the south of Italy . ( they are located in Apulia, in Conversano and Monopoli )

Q- Do you provide a 3D plannig service ?
A-We provide you with a 3D rendering service.