The mixer tap choice is very important to define the bathroom style.

First of all, you will have to consider the technical aspects therefore it will be necessary to assess:

- dimensions and shape;

- installation mode: freestanding, wall-mounted (it will be necessary to also buy a component that goes into the wall), countertop (it will be necessary to have correctly spaced holes on the supporting structure) or ceiling-mounted;

- control mode: single-lever (with a single water temperature and flow adjustment knob) or with two or more knobs;

- materials: the most used are brass, known for its predisposition to customization through various finishes, and steel, known for its resistance.

Concerning the aesthetics aspect, you will be able to enjoy yourself by choosing among a lot of styles (industrial, liberty, retro, etc…) and finishes (once you have determined whether you prefer a gloss or matt finish, you could choose widely distributed metallic finishes such as chrome, nickel and copper, precious metallic finishes such as gold and silver, paint-based finishes, etc…).

In this online store, you will find only high-quality taps with advanced technology that are able to last well over time and have a strong impact on energy savings and water consumption. More specifically, you will be able to buy mixer taps and spouts for washbasin, bidet, and bathtub.

Shower mixers are located in the Shower category.

Here you will find only universally acknowledged brands like Gessi, Boffi, Agape, Cea Design, Fima Carlo Frattini, Nicolazzi, Zucchetti Kos, Cristina and others.

Mainly Italian brands.

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