B2B Program

Every day architects, interior designers, property developers, construction companies, real estate brokers and real estate agencies all over the world choose us for supplies of high-end furniture and tiles.

They are the business partners to whom we offer, in addition to the quality of service and the guarantee of first-rate products, benefits carefully designed for the development of long-term business relationships that can be satisfactory for both parties.

Special commercial conditions

Two-step discount scale depending on the manufacturers' price list order amounts.

Each of our partners is provided with a password to access the Dropbox reserved area where they can view their conditions.

A 30 day right of return instead of 14 days

It’s very important to establish a strong relationship with all business partners based especially on trust; this is the reason why our return policy is extended up to 30 days from delivery instead of 14 days.

Several proposals studied for different budgets

Every design solution needs a different budget.

Therefore Edilceram accurately works to find and to propose many solutions for different budgets in order to satisfy all the customers’ demands.

VAT exemption

VAT is excluded for transactions with companies within the European Union territory (excluding Italy). VAT is excluded for transactions with private/companies in countries outside the European Union territory.