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In 1973 the Benedini family founded Agape, a world leader company in the bathroom furniture sector and a symbol of Italian design excellence.

The ingredient that has brought it success and made it an undisputed point of reference is mainly one: the vocation to design new interpretations of the bathroom. Agape has completely overturned the concept of this room by conceiving it no longer as a mere place for the needs of the individual but as an area of the home to decorate and live in.

Another decisive and distinctive element of the company is undoubtedly its ability to continuously search for excellent manufacturing partners in Italy. This has allowed Agape to create a dense network of collaborations with industrial and artisan realities that allows the enterprise to place on the market products that are excellent in terms of materials and workmanship. Among the materials used stands out the innovative Cristalplant® characterized by an important aesthetic performance and strong resistance and durability.

The bathtubs, sinks, taps, wc, bidets, shower partsmirrors, and accessories produced by Agape are something special.

The iconic Agape series, such as Vieques by Patricia Urquiola, SquareDr, Monolith, Flat D, PearDrop, EllOttocento, MemorySpoon by Benedini Associati, Bjhon by Angelo Mangiarotti, and Sen by Gwenael Nicolas have strongly marked the contemporary furnishing and are requested by important architects/designers around the world for the realization of high-level projects.